Behind Closed Doors - What would the Cromwells say?

Running every day throughout November and December


Cromwell is renowned for many things and supposedly banning Christmas is one of them. However, we just couldn't see our House without any decorations this Christmas.  So we have just placed one Christmas decoration in each room.  Pick up our trail and find out more about Christmas traditions and what the Cromwell family may well have said about our adornments!


It is a common myth that Cromwell personally banned Christmas, although it was more the case that all Puritans thought Christmas celebrations were wasteful, decadent and pagan.  Puritans believed that Christmas should be treated as any other working day and shops and markets had to stay open and anyone caught attending a special Christmas church service would suffer consequences.


As you can imagine, the ban was hugely unpopular and many people continued to celebrate Christmas secretly, behind closed doors.  On your tour of the House thoughout November and December you will see a typical Christmas decoration in each room.  We have provided a little background information as to when these traditions came about and then added some personal thoughts from the Cromwell family!


This fun trail is included as part of the normal admission fee.