"The Life and Times of 'Orrible Oliver Cromwell" with Professor A Bismal

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Every Thursday in August at 11.30am

Shout it loud and shout it proud: Profesor Arthur Bismal returns (like a persistent rash) to Oliver Cromwell's House and this time, he's taking on the Man of the House!

Behold, Professor A Bismal's own words

"You've no doubt heard the name Oliver Cromwell, and you've probably visited his house. However I would argue that you've never heard the truth about 'Orrible Oliver Cromwell! 

Did he really ban christmas?!

What was Cromwell's favourite meal?

Did he actually fight in the English Civil Wars?

What did they actually do to him after he died? and....

Is he still hanging around in his former home?!"

Book now and discover all about Professor A Bismal, the one they warned you about!  The tour is suitable for people ages 6 to 106 years of age. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  All tickets priced £4 per person.  Please book on-line or for further information call 01353 662062.