Oliver Cromwell Film

Our wonderful friends at The Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon have been posting some excellent short films, all about the life of Oliver Cromwell. We are delighted to show you one of them, presented by Stuart Orme, Curator and Museum Manager. The Museum in Huntington recently had an amazing refurbishment. Although we can't visit just yet, do check their website and social media content, it's really fascinating !  Moving forward, we are planning to work much closer with the Museum offering some fantastic fully immersive tours and information about the life and times of Oliver Cromwell together with some fabulous touring exhibitions, and our new project 'Cromwell's County' so keep tuned in!



Oliver Cromwell House

Oliver Cromwell's House is due to open it's doors again July 3rd at 10am! We are planning to open Thursday-Sunday to start with and will open only our souvenir and gift shop open together with our Tourist Information Service. Plans to open the historic house to our visitors should follow end of July/early August. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a 'walk and talk with a difference?' Take part in our 'House Detective' by joining our Architectural Historian in learing all about Oliver Cromwell's House from the outside all the history and the hidden secrets! This is followed by coffee and cake at Poets House opposite! To book go to https://www.olivercromwellshouse.co.uk/index.php?page=whats_on


Mrs Cromwell's Kitchen

Join Nora Gardner, aka The Hungry Roundhead, our local guide and food historian to learn about the flavours and ingredients of 17th Century cooking in England. Visit Mrs Cromwell's original kitchen to watch old recipes come to life and compare them to their more modern versions. Hear the stories behind them and of course taste the results! Discover an array of hearty 17th century dishes which would have warmed the soul during the autumnal season. Learn about Mrs Cromwell's favourite dishes as well as hear how she would have used the craft of preserving to prepare for the year ahead.





Click here for your taster tour of Oliver Cromwell's House